Commercial Confidence

+Reputation Matters
At Grabau, we believe the foundation of our excellent reputation is our expertise and focus on roofing, and our belief in customer satisfaction and pride of work.

We have the skills and expertise to help you develop and execute your plan in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible to achieve your desired result.

We encourage you to compare our reputation to your highest standards.  We have Gold standing with the Better Business Bureau, we are happy to share our recent projects and testimonials, and our online ratings and reviews are highly positive.

+Insurance Protection
We are covered, so you are too. We never cut corners on workers compensation, finished products, or general liability insurance.  Our certificates of insurance are always in good standing and up to date.
+We invest in our employees
and it shows.  Our safety record on the job site is stellar and we comply with all OSHA regulations and safety requirements so our workers are safe and our job sites are free from litigious circumstances.

We invest in full-time year round staff with experience and continually train them in quality and safety. Our employees show pride in their work and come to work motivated by quality, because they know they are part of a family and not just a bunch of contractors who are forced to skip from one short-term job to another.

+Leave it to Us
When you’re running a commercial project, we know how relieving it can be to know that deadlines are going to be met and projects are going to be completed on budget and on spec.

We understand the value and importance of managing an entire commercial project and will work with you to meet all your expectations in terms of your roofing requirements and the scope of your project at large.

Commercial Roofing

New Construction and Renovations:

  • Our commercial experience includes new build, re-roofing, and re-build projects large and small.  We can manage any project from a small store front, to a 140,000 sq. ft. church, to residential communities and very large warehouses.
  • We have expertise with low-slope roofing and proper weatherproofing layers, reinforcement, and surfacing components.
  • We are experts in roof deck, under-layment, and roof coverings needed for steep-slope roofing to promote proper water shedding and run off.
  • We work with many Municipalities, School Districts and HOAs.

Service and Maintenance:

  • We offer professional assessments for building owners, pre-qualified contractors, and facility professionals and provide cost-effective routine maintenance.
  • We promise best-in-class installation and repairs with excellent workmanship.
  • We provide expert recommendations from a working knowledge of regulations, code requirements, and energy efficient materials and installation.

Committed to our Customers

Honest and On Time

We promise to show up on time, give honest quotes, return your phone calls, and follow up with you.

Bids for Informed Decisions

We promise to help you compare options and empower you with knowledge before deciding on a bid.

No Hidden Fees Ever

We promise to perform the work at the price we quoted with no surprises when the job is done.

Material and Work as Promised

We promise to complete all work included in every bid without cutting corners to complete the work.

Every Client is Important

We promise to treat every project, large or small, with the same respect, attention, and commitment.

Our Name is Our Brand

We show our pride in the quality and service you receive from us in our family run business.