Residential Services

+Roof Evaluations & Bids
We provide written bids and we take the time to educate our customers on every aspect of the project and all possible options in order to make a smart and informed decision.

Whether you are a realtor, homebuyer, or homeowner, you can expect the attentive responsiveness and professionalism of great customer service from another era with today’s modern efficiency.

+New Build Homes
A quality roof protects your new home and helps keep your home looking new for many years to come.

We help you choose the right look and the right level of protection and have experience in every combination from fire resistant materials and lifetime use to durable roofs with warranty coverage.

We also specialize in matching roof materials with undercoatings to maximize durability, such as cold, hot, or self adhesive versus torch application or hot asphalt.

+Roof Replacement
When your roof is beyond repair, we can remove your existing roof and replace it while helping you to understand the best roof options for your type of structure and budget.

We’re a Colorado company, and we understand how wind, rain, hail, snow, freezing, and thawing can impact your new roof now and for the long term.

+Roof Repairs
We fix leaking roofs, wind damage, hail damage, cracked roofs, and problems identified in home inspections.

We have emergency repair services and we always provide you with honest quotes in emergency and routine repair situations so you know the work being done is only the work that needs to be done.

+Roof Maintenance
Extend the life of your roof and cut your expenses in the long run by maintaining your roof on a regular schedule.

We offer roof evaluations and scheduled maintenance plans that include preventative services, minor repairs, efficiency inspections, and storm preparedness.

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing 2015

Repair and Restore:

  • Roof repair of leaks or storm damage
  • Roof replacement full or partial
  • Roof restoration on historic homes
  • Preventative roof maintenance

New Build:

  • Custom dimensional residential roofing
  • Green and ‘Energy Star’ labeled roofs
  • Roof evaluations and assessments for realtors & homeowners

Specialty Services:

  • Custom built rooftop decks to add outdoor entertainment space to your home.
  • Unique and challenging roofs such as daylighting, suntubes, skylights, chimneys or solar add-ons.
  • Environmentally conscious roofs using recycled, energy efficient, solar, and green materials with safe disposal and clean up.
  • Modern and classic styles including shingle, slate, tile, 5V crimp, standing seem, corrugated, shake, or vertical panels.
  • Custom and designer roofs with all types of materials including composite, synthetic, clay, wood, or metal.

Committed to our Customers

Honest and On Time

We promise to show up on time, give honest quotes, return your phone calls, and follow up with you.

Bids for Informed Decisions

We promise to help you compare options and empower you with knowledge before deciding on a bid.

No Hidden Fees Ever

We promise to perform the work at the price we quoted with no surprises when the job is done.

Material and Work as Promised

We promise to complete all work included in every bid without cutting corners to complete the work.

Every Client is Important

We promise to treat every project, large or small, with the same respect, attention, and commitment.

Our Name is Our Brand

We show our pride in the quality and service you receive from us in our family run business.